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Cannon Mini-Troll reviews:

Rated 4.3 out of 5
4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
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The Cannon Mini-Troll features a compact downrigger design, which is ideal for use on pontoon boats, canoes, bass boats, and smaller fishing boats. It comes with a horizontal reel/brake, 100 percent of stainless steel downrigger cable, and a swivel-head depth counter. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Cannon Mini-Troll Features:

– Horizontal Reel/Brake – For quick adjustments and control of your baits positioning.

– Swivel-Head Dial Depth Counter – Know exactly where your weights are with the easy to read depth counter at the end of your boom.

– 1:1 Retrieval Rate – Helps get your lines out of the water easily.

– Composite Boom – 12″

– Composite Spool – Comes pre-spooled with 100′ of 135 lb of stainless steel cable.

– Includes – Clamp Mount Base, line terminator, and manual crank handle.

Mounting The Cannon Mini-troll To Your Boat

Depending on boat application, the spacer block (supplied) may be required. To attach the spacer block to the main frame, simply slide the dovetail shaped tab of the block into the matching recess in the frame. Make sure that the holes in the block face down.

Cannon Mini-Troll Transom Mount
Depending on transom width, a wood block may be required to allow the rigger to clamp properly.

Cannon Mini-Troll Gunwale Mount*
On thin-walled aluminum boats, it is recommended that a wood block be used on the inside of the boat. This will distribute the clamping force to a larger area to prevent possible boat damage. Depending on rail overhang, a wood block may also be required on the outside of the boat.

*We recommend you mount Cannon Mini-Troll off the transom of your boat (if possible), so that the weight is being pulled directly behind the downrigger. Mounting your Mini-Troll the gunwale is not recommended as lateral stress on the frame may cause cracking.

Fishing With The Cannon Mini-Troll Downrigger:

1. The Cannon Mini-Troll downrigger should be clamped to a solid and secure position on the transom of the boat.

2. Use the Cannon Mini-Troll with a 4-lb. weight and line release, and rod holder. All are available in the Mini-Troll Accessory Pack (Part #2250005, sold separately). Attach the weight to the downrigger cable, and the release to the weight. Put the rod in the holder and clip your fishing line between the release pads.

3. Put your fishing reel into free spool so that the fishing line will be released as the Cannon Mini-Troll downrigger weight is lowered.

4. With one hand on the Cannon Mini-Troll downrigger reel handle, loosen the adjustment knob at the top center of the reel and lower the weight by turning the reel handle clockwise. One rotation of the reel equals 1 foot of depth. Do not let go of the reel handle while lowering the weight.

5. Once the weight is at the desired depth, tighten the adjustment knob to hold the cable in place.

6. Retrieve enough of the fishing line to put a deep bend in the fishing rod.

7. Your lure will trail behind the Cannon Mini-Troll downrigger weight at your set distance. When you have a strike, the force of the fish striking the lure will pull the fishing line out of the release, detaching it from the weight. This will cause your rod to spring up, indicating that there is a fish on the line.

8. While you play the fish on the free line, the Cannon Mini-Troll downrigger weight should be raised using the cable reel to avoid tangles. To retrieve the weight, loosen the adjustment knob and turn the cable reel handle clockwise. Once retrieved, tighten the adjustment knob to hold the weight out of the water.

Terminating The Cannon Mini-Troll Downrigger Cable:

NOTE: A set of pliers with wire cutters is recommended for this part of setup.

1. Unwind about 2 feet of cable and thread through the rubber cushion. Attach Swivel Snap to terminator.

2. Examine the top of the terminator and note the order shown in the detail to run cable.

3. Lead and pull six inches of cable through HOLE A. Thread cable through swivel, then up into bottom of the terminator. Lead cable out of HOLE B and into HOLE C. Push the cable until its end touches the inside of the terminator hook. Tighten cable by squeezing terminator until it snaps shut. Then pull at top and bottom until drawn tight. Make sure that the cable threads the hook.
NOTE: Use only straight cable, not kinked cable.

4. Slide the cushion over the top of the terminator and give it a test pull. The cable is now set to attach a Cannon Flash Weight.

I purchased my original Cannon Mini-Troll well over ten years ago and have purchased two since so that my boys can now downrigger for trout with me. We use them off a 16ft alumicraft and just attach them to the sides. I really like them and was not able to find one this size that seemed better. I use them to get down about 50 ft on average. Yes, my son did loosen the hold to the point where it came off and went to the bottom of the lake. I wish they would design around this but it has only happened once.

This unit is a replacement for one that went overboard. Looking forward to using it. I am going to attach a safety line to it this time.

We’ll made out of strong plastic. You will need to make some blocks of wood for thin hulled aluminum boats or it won’t stay in place. I used a piece of 1×4.

I have used the Cannon Mini-Troll downrigger for trout and kokanee and it fits perfect on my pontoon boat. No problems so far, I use the 4 lb cannon weight and take good care of it. The only downside is that the wire slips from time to time when reeling it back up but it’s really not that bad. Cheap, easy and catches me fish!

I think the bad reviews come from people going for big saltwater fish with these putting like 8# balls on them. If you are going for lake trout on a rental boat this is what you want. I have two and the work great.

This was a gift. so I dont know how they liked it but we loved giving it.

Love it, does what I need and is out of the way when I don’t need it. Use a 3″ x 3″ x 3/4″ square of wood for the fastening bolt to tighten up against (keeps you from scratching the inside of your gunnel and fills the gap).

As others have noted, the depth counter doesn’t really work worth a darn, but the basic set-up is good, and for a small rowboat or kayak this is probably the best practical way of downrigging. Attaching it to a kayak takes a little thought in where and what to attach it to, but it can be done with a scraps of wood and some simple fabrication.

Very happy with the Cannon Mini-Troll. I have a small boat that I keep docked. Needed a quick and easy downrigger that I can attach and remove for safe keeping.

Bought this portable because I didn’t want to drill more holes in my boat. This works great on the transom, is out of the way and low profile. The counter is not exactly accurate so I use a line counter just to make sure. Not sure how you would break this unit, it is very durable.

I’ve had 2 of these for 2 years now and can safely say that they are great for the person who doesn’t need a large, fixed Downrigger. Why didn’t I mention it just for portable use? Easy. These are great, versatile downriggers. They are tough, easy and will help you catch fish.

I use this to catch landlocked salmon, trout and other fish. I just got back from Maine where I boated 35 salmon and without this Downrigger I wouldn’t have caught any of the larger fish caught.

Tips: For any aluminum boat or thin walled boat it’s best to use a 1×2 inch piece of wood to minimize the thinness of the boat. Whether its a Downrigger or pole holder I would highly recommend doing this as it increases the grip to the boat.

Use a fish finder or depth finder as lakes bottoms can change quickly and you may lose a Downrigger if you snag the bottom.

BTW The reviewer who said that his broke. I’m not sure how you break these unless you damage them beforehand or they are damaged in transit. There is no way these are breaking in normal wear for a long time. Mine still look new.

In short, if you are looking for a great portable Downrigger for most fishing situations…this is the product.

I purchased my down-rigger last year for a fishing trip to a lake in Canada. It worked fine. It felt a little wobbly, but after a little practice and always making sure it was snugly attached to the boat, it worked fine. I did add a small wood block between the boat and the clamp to better secure the down-rigger. I eventually used it to down rig two poles and caught fish at both levels. I used an 8-pound weight and managed to troll it into the ground once or twice and there was no problem — it has a “controlled” drag based on how tight you secure the screw. For the money it works great. I plan on buying another this year to run one on each side of the boat. I recommended it to other friends IF they want to keep the cost down and don’t plan on making a living with this. If you’re going to go fishing once, twice etc -buy it otherwise double (or more) the cost and get a longer term investment.

Cannon Mini-Troll FAQs:

How does the rod holder attach to the Cannon Mini-Troll downrigger?

Attaches to the top. You will need the Mini-Troll Accessory Kit from Cannon.

Cannon Mini-Troll Video:

Using a Downrigger
Watch this video on YouTube.

Cannon Mini-Troll Reviews:

Mini-Troll does it's job

Rated 4 out of 5

I have had this unit for several years. Trolled with it and caught a couple of Spring Chinook salmon when I first got it. I recently retired and have been fishing for Kokanee with a buddy. We have had very good success fishing at 50 & 60 ft with two of these downriggers. Manual downriggers are work to operate, but very effective getting to suspended fish. My buddy was complaining on our last outing about how much work it was because he would barely get his line set before he had another fish on. Putting a short board under on the outside of an aluminum boat rail makes the clamp more secure.

Good for small boat

Rated 4 out of 5

Works well. Line came off wheel once and it was a nightmare to get the line back on. Also, the tension nut tightens on its own.

Nice little downrigger

Rated 4 out of 5

After owning a pair of Cannon electric downriggers, I was disappointed of the composite construction, that said I don’t think I can’t put this through the same stress tests. It did work out well, clamped right to my pontoon with no modification. if you need to, it will not be hard. I will buy another.

Great on my Small Pontoon Boat

Rated 5 out of 5

I have this mounted on my small, one may, pontoon boat. The down rigger is easy to use and works well. I use the small four pound weight, but added my own clips (the adjustable cannon clips are not good IMO.) I have caught many Kokanee with it. Its easy to wind up and down, clip to, and is solid. The price seems high but good unit.

Great Little Downrigger!

Rated 5 out of 5

We had a manual downrigger by Cannon already and decided to get a 2nd one for other side of the patio boat. This is a super little device, quick and easy to hook up and about 1/3 the size of our other one. I am a 64 yr old woman and the 4 lb ball (sold separately) is just the right size for me to manage. We troll at 30-60′ with this thing and have caught many nice lake trout and large mouth bass. In order to attach it safely and quickly we secured two pieces of wood 6″x 6″ with screws to the railing of boat. We used on the railing a couple of times and were worried it might slide off in the heat of the moment. You have to be a little careful putting it out and reeling it in, and double check the knobs so that the one that lets the line out doesn’t get too loose (it will come off) and of course to keep it sturdily attached I just check the tightness a time or two while boating. Great little downrigger!

Does the Job

Rated 4 out of 5

Bought one of these for my 14 footer i use mostly for trolling for trout. It works pretty good but getting the clamp to attach flush was an issue with the trim and shape of the boat. Have used it for 1 season now and am very happy with the purchase.
Pros – Easy to take off and put on. Affordable.

Decent low cost small boat downrigger

Rated 4 out of 5

if you have something like a 12 to 16 ft aluminum fishing boat this is perfect. Anything bigger or fancy get a bigger down rigger. the line counter works good that is the only perk on it. Overall this is nothing fancy but it works. I use a 6lb ball with it no issues up and down easy. Short money and it is catching lake trout – that’s what I wanted. I’m going out a 4th time with it this weekend.
oh you will see reviews of whistling line – yup it whistles – not a big deal.
Pros – line counter works fine, spot on. (who wants to count to 60 cracks to say you are at 60 feet! thats crazy get some with a line counter!) easy clamp on mount. you can mount your own rod holder on this out of 12 inches of pvc and 2 2 in bolts.
Cons – you do have to be careful loosing the tightening built if your not holding the crank knob the ball drops at free fall speed. nothing crazy – just pay attention and you will be good.

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