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Looked at many different downriggers and decided to go with the Easi-Troll ST and have zero regrets after several fishing trips with them. If I was getting picky, I wish Cannon would give you the option to buy the swivel base as standard instead of the standard mount it comes with. As a whole, I don’t know that you can do better for the price.

Have used this a couple of times primarily for wahoo that run deeper than most saltwater fish. The unit was easy to mount to the rail of the boat and is very sturdy. I’m using a 6 lb weight and will probably upgrade to a 10 lb as the blow-back is very noticeable when trolling at 7 to 12 knots. Carbon/plastic should stand up to the sun and salt well. Easy to operate with one hand and very clear depth counter to show how much cable is out. Don’t think you will be disappointed with this purchase.

Downrigger works great for Canadian lake trout. I had never used these before, so there was a bit of a learning curve. Once I figured out a system it’s a piece of cake. Definitely recommend.

A good heavy duty product. I like it and would buy again

Excellent down rigger! Works and preforms as advertised.

Great Product! I will use this because it great.

Very happy. I bought 2 and was surprised about how durable and easy to use when deep water trolling.

Used it the first time and had no problems, easy to use. Looks good but all lakes are still frozen so haven’t tried it out.

It is the first downrigger I’ve ever had and am very happy with how well it works, it is a bit complicated and can be confusing at first. We are starting to get the hang of it.

Cannon Easi-Troll ST FAQs:

Does this downrigger come with a swivel base?

This particular downrigger does not come with a swivel base.

I am experiencing a high pitched whine when trolling, I feel it is driving fish away? What is cause or how do I eliminate it?

The humming of downrigger cables is normal, a byproduct of the vibration caused from the taunt cable cutting through the water. Not only don't the fish mind but some people do consider it an attractant. That theory seems to be supported by the effectiveness of wire divers as well. But, if the humming noise is really a problem for you and just more of a bother, then I would look into either loading your riggers with Power Pro line (you can get up to 250lb test which is the same diameter as 80lb test). The Power Pro will cut through the water better and eliminates some of the blow-back. Or you can look into Spectra Fiber (I recommend 135 lb test for downriggers), it does not hum. Also check out the fiber cable. But, as I have mentioned... Some people prefer their downrigger to hum, it is normal and usually means you are doing things right. The hum occurs when you are trolling at the correct speed.

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