Scotty 1106 Depthpower

Scotty 1106 Depthpower 2

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These work great have one this is my second only thing is you need a 10 to 12 pound weight or it wont work properly

Very nice units that are easy to mount and work perfectly. Best ones I’ve seen or used

good company great product

Great product great price

What can I say, It’s a Scotty. Excellent company, product, and commitment to sportsmen and sportswomen.

The add said used but there was just cosmetic damage on the box it came in. It was brand new!!!

Scotty 1106 Depthpower Telescope 36″-60″ Electric Downrigger the most popular Scotty Electric, with a boom that telescopes for extra reach and collapses for extra storage, comes with pedestal swivel mount. Makes a great “big boat” rigger.

Scotty 1106 Depthpower FAQs:

Does this downrigger come pre-rigged or must I purchase cable and rigg separately?

It comes with 250 ft of cable.

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Scotty 1106 Depthpower Reviews:

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