Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower

Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower 2

Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower reviews:

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Scotty 1099 Electric downriggers are awesome! Well worth the money. I’ve always had Scotty hand cranker’s. Once you go electric you’ll never go back.

So far, very good. easy to learn how to use and so much better than the hand operated ones. Used them 3 times without a problem. Perfect fit for my 14 ft aluminum fishing boat.

Still working on installing the Scotty 1099 downrigger due to the fact you need to install a 30 amp inline fuse which is not included with the product. Since it needs to be marine grade, you can’t pick one up at the auto parts store. Of course, you don’t know you need it until you’re installing the downrigger. I just ordered the fuse from where else but Scotty, so I may get this thing up and running in a few days.

Additional info. I used the downrigger during an excellent silver run in Puget Sound. I had always been a Penn fan but no longer. I love this downrigger. I’ve fished downriggers for the last 30 years or so and I think I have a pretty good idea on their pluses and minuses. I like fishing alone in my 16′ Lund I’ve owned for 25 years so I need a downrigger that is a one man operation. After netting a number of fish, I had to add a star to my rating.

One push is the button the downrigger is up, swung aside, and life is good. Like I said earlier, it puzzles me why Scotty who builds such a fine product wouldn’t include an inline fuse. I have a feeling a bean counter got involved in pricing the product.

The Scotty 1099 downrigger is AWESOME. It was well worth the price of admission. I had been using hand crank down-riggers for years. No going back now!

This is my first Scotty downrigger, after speaking with guys who downrigger fish, everyone recommended starting with an electric in place of starting with a manual DR. I did and have no regrets, with an electric downrigger I am a more diligent angler, easy to adjust depths, check baits, change lures and etc. The auto retrieval is a must for bringing in a fighting fish. I have one mounted near the rear of an 18 ft fish & ski boat, the 24″ boom is just long enough so the cable doe not touch the boat when I make trolling turns. I plan to buy a second one for the other side of my boat.

I have had zero performance issues, comes with the electrical connection (twist lock style). I wired mine to a fuse with 10 awg conductors and to the boat starting battery. I have caught bass trolling at 13 ft to landlocked salmon at 125 ft deep, so easy to fish these depths with an electric DR because you have full control of the depth placement. I made a custom stainless steel mount that swivels, it raised the DR, makes it easier for me to clip on the line and operate the DR, I do recommend a swivel base.

The 1099 comes with a plastic mount for the boat side electrical connector, recommend mounting in a protected location, I damaged mine leaning against it. I purchased a second 1099 downrigger and have fabricated a stainless steel bracket for the electrical connector, no worries about damaging this one.

Love them, they work great! Will have 2 more Scotty 1099 downriggers by next year’s fishing season!

Extremely reliable/durable product that makes downrigger fishing a lot of fun. Scotty support was awesome when I had a wiring question with my boat. Can’t go wrong with this product. Best purchase I made on a Downrigger, should have bought the electric to begin with makes things so much easier.

I love all my Scotty products, simple and quality.

Scotty 1099 Features:

– Fully adjustable decent speed, lifts 7 lb. weights at 235 ft./min. and 15 lb. weights at 203 ft./min.
– Spray protected positive-drive depth counter and Kevlar drive belt by Optibelt™
– 250 ft. of 150 lb. Test, Stainless Steel Downrigger Cable
– Boom mounted adjustable 355 Rodmaster II Rod Holder
– Includes Scotty/Marinco™ Plug and Receptacle
– The lowest amperage draw of any downrigger made with less than 1/3 the battery draw than some of the competition
– Marine grade stainless steel boom
– Includes 1023 Tilt-up Mounting Bracket which enables the unit to be tilted and locked in the upright position
– Multi-position auto-stop included (Use 1008 Stopper Beads to stop at any pre-set position)
– Includes Power Grip Plus Line Release
– Fully assembled and factory tested with complete saltwater protection
– Downrigger Boom Length: 24″ stainless steel boom
– Downrigger Boom Diameter: 1″
– Rod Holder Interior Diameter: 1.85″

Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower FAQs:

May I change the boom length to a longer unit?

This is a fixed length boom on the Scotty 1099.

Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower Video:

Scotty Electric Downriggers
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Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower Reviews:

Simply one of the best

Rated 4 out of 5

Best purchase I made on a downrigger, should have bought the electric to begin with makes things so much easier.

Scotty 1099 - Best Downrigger Out There

Rated 5 out of 5

Extremely reliable/durable product that makes downrigger fishing a lot of fun. Scotty support was awesome when I had a wiring question with my boat. Can’t go wrong with this product.

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