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Cannon Optimum details:

Cannon Optimum is simple one of the best electric downriggers and provides the intelligence needed to put the bait where the fish are. Precisely troll any lure while presenting depth and trolling data on a full-color 3.5″ LCD display. Cannon Optimum wirelessly networks up to four downriggers which can be controlled simultaneously through the Cannon mobile app or a compatible Humminbird fish finder. Compatibility with Fish Hawk X4D Electronics allows you to monitor the depth, temperature and speed at your weight.

Cannon Optimum Mobile App control

Successful trolling requires information and precise control. The new Cannon mobile app gives you more information than you ever thought possible for up to four Cannon Optimum downriggers – and total control over all of them, no matter where you are on your boat.

Preset Depths – Instantly select from preset depths, or the depth of your last catch.

Auto Up – Fish on? Push one button to bring one or all fo your flash weights up to the waterline.

Depth Cycle Mode – Quickly and easily set Depth Cycles to cover more of the water column.

Line Out – Keep track of exactly what depth each downrigger is set to.

Once you download the mobile app onto your smartphone or tablet, pairing it with your downriggers is easy.

Additional Views On The App

While the Downrigger View is the default view that the Cannon app displays, there are additional views that can be displayed to preview more information on the downriggers being controlled. These views include Data View 1, Data View 2, Fish Hawk View and the Network View. From the Downrigger View, the other views can be toggled to by swiping either left or right on the device screen from the Downrigger View.

Not every view is available by default. Data View 1 and Data View 2 are defaults and will show if there are no other devices networked to the downrigger. The Fish Hawk View will only display if the downrigger is networked to a Fish Hawk. The Network View will only be available if the downrigger is connected to at least one other downrigger. See the Connecting the Downrigger section of this manual for more information on connecting a Fish Hawk or additional downriggers. In the App Menu, any available View can also be toggled “on” or “off”.

Cannon Optimum review

The One-boat Network integration

With the One-Boat Network, you can control your Cannon Optimum downriggers and view information from them on your Humminbird® fish finder* and the Cannon app on your mobile devices. To help you get more out of every moment you spend on the water, we’re continually working to integrate new capabilities into the One-Boat Network.

How Does It Work?

The One-Boat Network lets you connect your Cannon Optimum downriggers to your Humminbird fish finders and your mobile devices so you can take control of everything from anywhere on the boat.

Cannon Optimum – Wirelessly network up to four Cannon Optimum downriggers and control them all or individually from one screen.

Humminbird – Connect to your Humminbird fish finder to view trolling data from your Cannon Optimum downriggers and control the downriggers directly from your Humminbird screen.

Mobile App – Control your Cannon Optimum downriggers and view critical trolling data right from your mobile device with the Cannon app.

Pairing Two Downriggers Together

If your boat is set up with multiple downriggers, it is possible to pair up to 4 downriggers together in a network to share information and control the downriggers from a single device. Building a network requires pairing each downrigger with the Master downrigger and allows much of the data to be viewed across the network. Each downrigger paired to the Master downrigger is a Client downrigger.

The Master downrigger will be the downrigger in the network that is paired to a device, and is able to be connected to a transducer or Fish Hawk X4D System. It is recommended to review the “Connecting the Downrigger” section of the manual to understand how the technology works together and understand how downriggers function in a network. To pair two downriggers together follow the instructions in the manual.

Unlock Your Data Potential With Fish Hawk Integration

Pair your Fish Hawk X4D with your Cannon Optimum and view your weight’s actual depth, trolling speed, water temperature at depth, and more – right from the Cannon mobile app.

The Fish Hawk X4D system helps you troll smarter by showing you data directly at your trolling weight. The X4D probe connects to your downrigger cable above the weight and wirelessly transmits the depth, temperature, and speed at your weight to the LCD display. Pair it with your Cannon Optimum electric downrigger to see that data directly on your downrigger, Humminbird, or the mobile app.

The integration of Cannon Optimum downriggers and Fish Hawk Electronics X4D Probe brings a whole new level of data to the angler to help make the right decisions with your lure or bait. Take advantage of connecting your Cannon Optimum downriggers to the Fish Hawk X4D system to help trigger more bites.

What Is Downrigger Depth Cycling?

When fish are suspended in a wide depth range, you can program your downrigger to automatically cycle your tackle to cover more water. Just select your cycle depth, the range, and the speed, and your downrigger will do the rest.

How To Depth Cycle?

You can set depth cycling right from the control panel of your Cannon Optimum downrigger, or on the mobile app.

1. Set Your Depths
When you mark fish, set your cycle depth and range, and your bait will cycle up and down within that range.

2. Set Your Speed
You can then adjust your up and down speed to dial in the exact presentation that you want for your bait.

3. Fish On
Once you’ve set your depth range and speed, your downrigger does the rest – optimizing your bait presentation in the strike zone.

Depth Cycle From The Downrigger

From the menu, select Cycle Mode by clicking the right arrow. Once in the Cycle mode menu, set your Cycle Depth, Range, Pause Time, Up Speed, and Down Speed. When your settings are locked in, click the right arrow on start and your downrigger will begin to cycle your bait.

Depth Cycle From The Mobile App

When in the Cannon Mobile App, navigate to the Remote screen select Cycle Mode in the lower left of the screen. Once in the Cycle Mode screen, set your Cycle Depth, Range, Pause Time, and Speed. When your settings are locked in, select the Start button and let your downrigger do the rest.

Downrigger Technology Positive Ion Control

Positive Ion Control is a feature on all Cannon electric downriggers. Your boat’s electronics create a fish-repelling negative energy field in the water. Positive Ion Control neutralizes the negative energy field so fish will stick closer to your line.

How To Use Positive Ion Control?

On Your Cannon Optimum
Cannon Optimum lets you change the level of Positive Ion Control, directly from the control panel, for instant adjustments.

On The Mobile App
Make real-time changes from anywhere on the boat, right from your mobile app.

On Your Magnum
Positive Ion Control is automatically active on Magnum models to neutralize the negative energy from your boat.

Cannon Optimum Features

Wireless Integration – Fully integrates with Fish Hawk Electronics, the Cannon mobile app and up to four Cannon Optimum downriggers wirelessly. The wireless network allows for features like Auto Up all, with one push of a button to instantly retrieve all your weights at once or one at a time.

Full-Color LCD Screen – 3.5″ LCD screen with customizable views, sonar data, user preferences and day and night mode settings.

Precision Controls – Stores up to 5 Preset Depths and remembers the depth of last catch. Cycle the weight up and down at preset intervals with Depth Cycle, or use Bottom Tracking to automatically keep your bait at preset distance from the bottom.

One-Boat Network™ – Complete wireless Integration with select Humminbird® fish finders for full control and critical trolling data.

Waterline Zero – Protect your boat from swinging weights. Your downrigger will automatically keep your weight at a set distance below the waterline.

Positive Ion Control (PIC) – Your boat’s electronics create a fish-repelling negative energy field in the water. Positive Ion Control neutralizes the negative energy field so fish will stick closer to your line.

Speed Adjustments – Five (5) adjustable retrieve and deploy speeds with up to 250 feet-per-minute weight retrieval rate.

Stainless Steel Telescopic Boom – Extends from 24″ to 53″.

Composite Spool – Comes pre-spooled with 400′ of 150 lb of stainless steel cable.

Dual Axis Rod Holder – Includes two (2) rear mount rod holders.

Removable Side Plate – Easily access the spool to switch lines, fix snags and make adjustments.

Includes – Universal Mounting Base, Low-Profile Swivel Base, line terminator, two (2) Uni-line releases, and manual crank handle.

Change the Cannon Optimum settings

Language – Choose between 1 of 22 languages. The default language is English. Use the settings menu to confirm the language and make sure that the radio button to the right of the language is selected.

Battery Alarm – Shows an alarm when the battery drops below a certain voltage. The default is set to off, but can be adjusted between 9.0V and 13.5V. Use the Use the settings menu to edit the sliding scale.

Temperature – Sets the temperature readings to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Use the settings menu to scroll between the options. The default is set to Fahrenheit.

Depth/distance – Sets the Distance and Depth reading measurements in units of Feet or Meters. Use the settings menu to scroll between the options. The default is set to Feet.

Speed – Sets the Speed measurements in units of mph (miles per hour), kph (kilometers per hour), or kts (knots). Use the settings menu to scroll between the options. The default is set to mph.

Restore Defaults – This restores all default settings on the downrigger. When restoring defaults, the downrigger will cycle power and reboot. The first time that the downrigger is powered back on after the defaults have been restored, the downrigger will bring up the Setup Guide. Use the settings menu to confirm. Read more about the Setup Guide in the Setup Guide section in the manual.

Demo Mode – Puts the downrigger into Demo Mode so that you can experience and practice operating the downrigger before using it in real time. The default for Demo Mode is “off”. When turning Demo Mode “on” or “off”, the downrigger will reboot to switch. It will not give a confirmation message when the option is switched “on” or “off”. Use the settings menu to switch between the options.

Cannon Optimum Bottom Tracking

The Bottom Tracking feature is designed to help you fish consistently near the bottom. This mode of operation requires an optional sonar transducer attached to your downrigger. In Bottom Tracking Mode, the downrigger is designed to maintain the weight at a fixed distance above the bottom. In order to avoid continuous weight adjustments due to minor changes in bottom depth and boat motion caused by wave action, you have the ability to adjust the responsiveness of the weight.

Bottom Tracking can be adjusted to fit user trolling preference. The Offset Distance setting can be adjusted between 50 and -50. The negative offset accounts for blowback while running the downrigger at high trolling speeds. The Offset Distance is the distance that the weight should be from the bottom depth. Sensitivity can be set from 1 to 16 feet. The Sensitivity adjusts the responsiveness of the Bottom Tracking feature.

The more sensitive, the higher the distance and the more the weight will react to minor changes to bottom depth or the motion of the boat due to wave action. For calmer conditions start at lower Sensitivity settings. The default Offset Distance is 10 ft and the default Sensitivity is 6 ft.

In order to keep the weight from touching or dragging on the bottom, make sure that the depth range selected is appropriate for the amount of line on the Spool and the amount of blowback experienced during operation at the intended depth and selected offset distance.

Preset Depths & Last Depth Recall

The Cannon Optimum allows users to save up to 5 preset depths. The Preset Depth Menu allows the user to recall these presets and automatically control the weight and let line in or out to the Preset Depth. The downrigger can also move from one preset depth to another by selecting one of the programmed Preset Depths. The downrigger will have Preset Depths already programmed. The pre-programmed presets are 25, 50, 75, 100 and 150 feet.

The Preset Depths can be set in a range from anywhere between 0 and 370 feet, but they can be changed to any depth within the limits of the amount of line the downrigger is equipped with. If changing Preset Depths keep the amount of line on the spool in mind when setting depth preferences. Also take consideration of the bottom depth of your fishing area.

Waterline Zero

Waterline Zero is a feature that gives the downrigger the ability to set the Line Counter to zero when the weight is in any position. This is helpful to accommodate for variations in line length as it is cycled up and down on the Spool.

It also gives the downrigger the ability to set the Waterline Zero based on difference in distances from the water to the boat hull accommodating water conditions and the ability to move a downrigger from one boat to another.

Many prefer to set the Waterline Zero to just below the actual surface of the water. When using the Auto Up button, the downrigger will automatically retrieve the weight to the set Waterline Zero. This convenient line counter reset accommodates many possibilities to give full control over downrigger functionality and weight positioning preferences.

Notice – If the Line Counter on the downrigger is at a negative number, the downrigger Weight has been retrieved and pulled higher than Waterline Zero.

Selecting The Correct Batteries for Cannon Optimum

The downrigger will operate with any lead acid deep cycle marine or Lithium 12 volt battery/batteries. For best results, use a deep cycle marine battery. Maintain battery at full charge. Proper care will ensure having battery power when you need it, and will significantly improve the battery life.

Failure to recharge lead-acid batteries (within 12-24 hours) is the leading cause of premature battery failure. Use a multi-stage charger to avoid overcharging. We offer a wide selection of chargers to fit your charging needs. If you are using a crank battery to start a gasoline outboard, we recommend that you use a separate deep cycle marine battery/batteries for your Cannon downrigger.

Cannon Optimum FAQs:

Does the Cannon Optimum support Braid and Mono line?

Yes – Short stop and PIC will no longer function with Braided or Mono line. When using the Auto up feature the Weight will stop when the line counter reaches zero.

What model of Fish Hawk Electronics is compatible with the Cannon Optimum downrigger?

The Cannon Optimum downrigger is compatible with the Fish Hawk X4D Bluetooth system (requires both the LCD display panel and underwater probe)

Can a Digi-Troll downrigger be connected/networked to an Optimum downrigger?

No, the Digi-Troll 4, 5 and 10 do not support wireless networking capabilities.

How many Cannon Optimum downriggers can be wirelessly networked together?

Up to four Cannon Optimum downriggers can be wirelessly networked together.

What is the maximum weight that can be used on a Cannon downrigger?

The Cannon Optimum have a weight capacity of 20 lbs.

How do you keep the Line alignment straight to keep it from stacking on one side of the Spool?

The simple fix is to use the ball hook on the boom as a level wind by adjusting the angle of the hook to guide the line in straight.

Cannon Optimum Video:

Optimum Trolling Efficiency for Salmon with Cannon Downriggers
Watch this video on YouTube.

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What a Tool!

Rated 5 out of 5

Taking downrigging fishing to a new level. Bottom tracking is so incredible. Setting variable depth automatically keeps fish looking. Hands free operation, auto up is great!!! Built in fish finder is unreal.

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