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Cannon Magnum 5 ST review – I have 2 Cannon Magnum 5 ST downriggers and they work great. 2 bad points for this downrigger. 1. if you stack lines (2 rods on one line) the unit drops so fast that if your lure are separated by 20 ft or more they will tangle. 2. The pulleys on the end are crap.

I fish with older guys who can’t hear very well, and if someone drops the line and hits the bottom the line will jump off the pulley, which is a hassle to take apart and restring while you’re trying to fish. I complained and they sent me new ones that were somewhat better. The solution is I bought 2 Scotty pulleys that are impossible for the line to jump, due to a good design. Now the downriggers are great, but you will need to do a little adapting to use Scotty pulleys.

I recently purchased a mag five and I like it very well,it works fine, I have read a few reviews that said you have to raise the ball completely before you can let it descend again , mine does not work like that mine,as you stop the weight from coming up you can put it back down again,by tapping the switch in what direction you want the weight to go.

Great product. works great at this time.Should of had one years ago

Great value for the price. Very quick lowering and raising of the canon ball equates to more time in the fish zone.

They work perfectly. The auto stop feature is very nice when raising lines. Very solid construction but relatively light weight for moving around. I bought two. They do everything that Cannon says. I’m happy, love it and a great price!

Bought 2 Cannon Magnum 5 ST last year. Liked them so much, I bought 2 more this year. I use them on a commercial boat. They are going up and down all day and no problems. I replaced my old Cannon Downriggers we’ve had for 20 years!

Second pair this new pair have been updated with easy access to spool and the ability to change depth counter and spool great up date

I would like to give it 5 stars based on looks and feel and packaging, unfortunately its January and i’m not trolling the great lakes right now so i don’t know how it will perform on the water. if it works as well as it looks, i’ll be happy.

Works as expected

I just purchased two Cannon Magnum 5 ST Downriggers and the reason for one star is the Owner’s Manual is barely legible. If I’m going to spend over $1,000 I expect a real and legible manual, not a a really crappy black and white photocopy. Charge me a few extra bucks for a real one, I don’t care. Come on Guy’s, a photocopy?
I went onto Cannon’s website and tried to download and print my own manual but half of every page is in English and the other half is in Spanish, so it means double printing.

I bought this in December 2013. By the middle of January it was not working (after 7 fishing trips). It would bring the ball about half way up and stop. You had to hold the up button continuously to retrieve it all the way. I called Canon and they said to bring it into their factory authorized repair shop in Shoreline (Angler’s Choice fishing shop). A week later they called and they said it was fixed. They said there was some corrosion on the bearings and I needed to spray this with wd 40 after every use.

I thought that was kind of weird since this downrigger is meant for saltwater use, you would think it would have stainless steel parts where they are exposed and not corrode so quickly. Also, I would hose it off with freshwater after every trip.

Anyway, I picked it up in the morning and went out salmon fishing in the San Juan Islands. I got out there to my favorite spot 4 hours later and discovered that the repair shop had forgot to put the depth counter gear back in after the repair. This made the downrigger useless and a completely shot day of fishing.

I lost two 12 pound lead balls in trying to guesstimate the ball depth, to say nothing of the gas and time for the entire driving and boating trip. I took it back to the shop and asked them if they had even bothered to test it after they said it was fixed. I got a blank stare and a “sort of” apology. They found my counter gear on their shop bench.

So, I sent a letter to Cannon on their website with complete details of the whole thing. A month later I have received no reply whatsoever from Cannon. Nothing. I realize mistakes happen, but when they do, you hope a company stands behind their product.

I see no reason why guys can get by with giving me a crock pot and I cant give them things I want. WOOHOO, this is the BEST downrigger and I cant wait for salmon season.

We just got back from Eagle Lake, CA and used these units for the first time. The instant stop feature is worth the extra money these down riggers cost. It sure was easy to get the weight up and reload. I wish the release was a little more user friendly.

We’ve had 2 years of trouble free service with our Mag 5s. We especially like the feature that stops the ball when it breaks the water’s surface. They are considerably faster than our old downriggers. I think our salmon fishing is better with the positive ion control. We are purchasing 2 more for our other boat. I would recommend this to our friends.

I was lured to this downrigger after my old mini-mag wore out. I got 1 trip and the circuit board is toast. The up button is stick circuited and must
be raised completely before lowering. This downrigger is a complete POS and Big Jon will get my business from now on. There is a reason these are on sale.

Cannon Magnum 5 ST FAQs:

How many volts is the motor, and what is the amp draw?

It is 12v 30amp full load.

Is there a plug conection so they can be disconeted for removal?

There is a plug connection that plugs into the downrigger for removal. A diagram of the wiring is available on the product website, on page 36 of the manual.

Can the downriggers be removed from the boat when not in use?

As long as they are not hard wired into the boat, we do not see why they couldn't be.

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