Best Electric Downriggers

Best Electric Downriggers 2020

Cannon Optimum

Cannon Optimum

Cannon Optimum provides the intelligence needed to put the bait where the fish are. Precisely troll any lure while presenting depth and trolling data on a full-color 3.5″ LCD display. Cannon Optimum wirelessly networks up to four downriggers which can be controlled simultaneously through the Cannon mobile app or a compatible Humminbird fish finder. Compatibility …

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Cannon Optimum TS

Cannon Optimum TS review

The Cannon Optimum TS provides new intelligence to controlled depth fishing in an all-white construction, stainless steel spool and 316-grade telescopic boom, ideal for saltwater applications. Precisely troll any lure while presenting depth and trolling data on a full-color 3.5″ LCD display. Cannon Optimum Tournament Series wirelessly networks up to four electric downriggers which can …

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Cannon Digi-Troll 10 TS

Cannon Digi-Troll 10 TS 1

Cannon Digi-Troll 10 TS features a backlit LCD screen which displays readings from IntelliTroll, lets you raise and lower the weight, adjust Positive Ion Control, or program the amount of line you’re using. Cycle the weight up and down at preset intervals and depths, or use Bottom Track to automatically keep your bait at a …

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Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower

Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower 3

Scotty 1099 Electric downriggers are awesome! Well worth the money. I’ve always had Scotty hand cranker’s. Once you go electric you’ll never go back. So far, very good. easy to learn how to use and so much better than the hand operated ones. Used them 3 times without a problem. Perfect fit for my 14 …

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Cannon Magnum 5 ST

Cannon Magnum 5 ST 4

Cannon Magnum 5 ST review – I have 2 Cannon Magnum 5 ST downriggers and they work great. 2 bad points for this downrigger. 1. if you stack lines (2 rods on one line) the unit drops so fast that if your lure are separated by 20 ft or more they will tangle. 2. The …

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Scotty 1106 Depthpower

Scotty 1106 Depthpower 5

These work great have one this is my second only thing is you need a 10 to 12 pound weight or it wont work properly Very nice units that are easy to mount and work perfectly. Best ones I’ve seen or used good company great product Great product great price What can I say, It’s …

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Scotty 1101 Depthpower

Scotty 1101 Depthpower 6

Good, solid construction. Tube size is correct for King Salmon! They worked great! Works very well. It’s exactly what we needed. Scotty Electric Downriggers include full automatic hands-free operation on retrieval. Fully adjustable rod holders. Strong stainless steel boom. More lifting power than any downrigger made. Power for extra heavy weights or for pulling out …

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Cannon Magnum 10 STX

Cannon Magnum 10 STX 7

Cannon Magnum 10 STX features the fastest retrieval rate on the market (250 feet per minute) and a Short-Stop feature that protects the boat from swinging weight. Includes mounting base, low-profile swivel base, and a telescopic stainless steel boom that extends from 24″ to 53″. Magnum is built tougher and smarter to make you a …

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Scotty 1116 Propack Depthpower

Scotty 1116 Propack Depthpower 8

This is the best, most affordable electric down rigging system I have seen on the market yet. Bought 2 and plan to get 2 more later this summer. Easy to use, mounted the brackets myself and have been reeling in the fish! Very fast retrieve,built solid,nice that it adj.down to 36″ I would recommend this …

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Scotty 2106 High Performance

Scotty 2106 High Performance 9

The performance downrigger of choice for serious fishermen. Unmatched in power, performance and reliability. – Unbeatable pulling power lifts 15 lb. weights at 295 ft./min. and 20 lb. weights with ease at 260 ft./min. – Includes Illuminated, resettable, sealed and silent digital line counter – 300 ft. of 180 lb. Test, HP Stainless Steel Downrigger …

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Cannon Digi-Troll 5

Cannon Digi-Troll 5 10

Cannon Digi-Troll 5 are definitely the best electric downrigger I’ve ever owned. I have a pair of Cannon Digi-Troll 5 on a 17′ Alumaweld Stryker and fish Pyramid Lake on a regular basis. I can tell you these are the best downrigger I’ve ever owned. I had Walker Downriggers that I returned to Cabellas and …

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Cannon Digi-Troll 10

Cannon Digi-Troll 10 11

Cannon Digi-Troll 10 features a full backlit keypad with an an integrated backlit LCD screen which gives you full control of your electric Cannon Digi-Troll 10 downrigger. Raise and lower the weight, adjust Positive Ion Control, or program the amount of line you’re using for better line counter accuracy. Cycle the weight up and down …

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